Life is too short for bad coffee

Coffee Cup

Quite a few years ago I had aspirations of owning a cafe. These days it’s looking for a good coffee at a cheap price. Not easy.

Maybe it sounds like I’m being a “Coffee Snob” but when you are paying upwards of $5 for a cup of Joe, you’d expect quality and at least some quantity right?

I’ve given up on all  the chain stores these days, I like to refer to them as the fast food of the coffee world. Maybe one or two exceptions, but I will list them below. Now, just as a disclaimer here, these are my own personal opinions so don’t take my word for it and try and decide for yourself.


Hmmmmm…VERY overpriced for something that resembles a coffee flavour, if ever you want to pay nearly $7 for decaf-soya-frappucino-with-hokey-pokey-flavouring (which really isn’t a coffee at all, more like a man-child milkshake), then go here. The simple kiwi favourite flat white, does just that….falls flat. However, this place still seems popular with the Asian community. Is it the “All American” influence or what? I’d like to know if someone could shed light onto that.

Gloria Jeans

As above, but usually the setting/decor is rather upmarket. Good range of food though.

The Coffee Club

Brought two coffees from here once with a work colleague…and once will be enough. $12 later and in what seemed like a medium cup of warm milk. On the plus side, their full meals looked tasty enough. Not sure about the prices though.


Similar price ranges to the above and more like the Starbucks food selection of quick eats.


BP Wild Bean Cafe

Consistently good coffee no matter where you visit. Good prices and good selection of takeaway food. Petrol station coffee and food have come a long way.

McDonalds McCafe

For a proper fast food joint, this place does a good coffee. Having the McCafe embedded into McDonalds normal restaurant is nice, so kids can go for the usual Maccas fare and the adults/older generation can enjoy a coffee in a cafe type setting.


One thought on “Life is too short for bad coffee

  1. Right? If I’m buying it, I want it to be good. If I wanted bad or mediocre coffee, I would stay home and make it myself for free. (I can’t make good coffee. Actually, I can’t make coffee at all, good or bad. I have no idea how to coffee).

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